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Creative Nuptial Ideas

If you have been to one wedding, you have been to all of them because every wedding you attend will be more or less identical with the same traditions, the same rituals, same or similar dresses and the same locations rotated over and over again. As such, if you are getting married, it is important for you to look at ways of making your wedding stand out and be different. This will save you a lot of money and it will also ensure that your guests have a great time.

The perfect outfit

Tradition dictates that as the bride, you should wear a white dress down the aisle akin to a ball gown. You will find that many of this big white ball gowns cost thousands of dollars and more often than not will look the same as other dresses worn by other brides around the world. One great way to save money on your wedding is to step out of that box and choose an evening gown from a regular dress store in another colour. You will possibly be able to choose a dress that is a lot more beautiful that the white ball gowns available to you while ensuring that you spend a fraction of the cost.

The perfect place

When searching for wedding venues you possibly think of big ball rooms at big hotels or reception halls but this cost a lot of money and they have all been used so many times before. Instead, choose to have your wedding in an outdoor location such as at a friend’s house on in a garden of your choice which you can get for free. You can turn this garden in to a magical place with the right decorations and atmosphere.You will find that simple wedding receptions are often the most beautiful. You will need to be creative in finding inexpensive wedding decorations for your wedding but with effort you should be able to create a magical atmosphere.

Set a budget

You will need to set a budget for your wedding so that you know exactly how much you can afford to spend and so that you will have a way of allocating money to different aspects of the wedding that matter most to you. If you save on the dress, you can allocate that money for the food but if you choose to get finger food for the wedding, you can then choose to spurge a little on a better dress. It is important however that you make sure to stick within your overall budget.