How To Do Wedding Preparation 

Wedding is a big fat event for the people who are getting married and the people who are going to attend a wedding because there are lots of preparation needs to do before the wedding. Basically, there are two type of weddings one where people do on minimal note where hardly they invite anyone expect few close friends and close family members and the other type of wedding is where people invite everyone like friends, relative, colleagues and everyone they know because wedding is one of the happy days for the couple which they want to celebrate with everyone they know and there is no harm because some of the people have budget to plan a huge wedding and some people think this is the waste of money so we should respect every opinion. A wedding needs lots of preparation from dress to the food, wedding venue to wedding decoration and lots of things need to prepare.

Wedding venue 
The first and foremost important thing is the wedding venues Richmond which is the most important to the book because you never know the place you want as your wedding venue got already booked by someone else so you need to do booking at least 6 months before your wedding. For example, you want to book a resort or any hotel as your wedding venue but when you reach there for the booking a month before your wedding you get to know that venue is already booked by someone else how do you feel? That is why pre-booking is important.

Wedding dress
Some of the designers take the order at least 5 months before a wedding so they can give you dress before your wedding and you get time for fittings and if any changes you want in a dress you can do it easily. 

Wedding planner 
You need to hire a wedding planner who do all the things on your behalf you just need to check and finalize the rest of the things they can manage your wedding you only have decided the wedding venue but the arrangement and decoration of the venue is their responsibility they can do it by themselves according to your choice. 

You need to do the proper set up for the people who are especially coming to attend your wedding you need to accommodate them because if your friend is coming from another city just for your wedding it is your responsibility to give him accommodation.

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