The Tips For A Beautiful Video Of Your Big Day

What are some of the things you should take note of when considering a wedding video? Read on below:

Understand the packages – there are many different packages when it comes to wedding videos. From the budget wedding videography that comes at the entry-level prices to the luxury packages that go upwards of thousands of dollars, there are many different options for you to choose from. The first thing you need to think about when it comes to your wedding video is understanding what package you want to have. To this end, you will naturally have to factor in your budget limits and other factors, which is why you might be forced to go with the lower-priced budgets. However, know that luxury packages can sometimes contain features you might actually not even need, hence the reason to look at the packages objectively.

  • The styles – as you would have with wedding photography, even Sydney wedding cinematography comes in different styles. You might have a specific theme or idea of your wedding – be it romantic, traditional, modern, playful, etc. This idea you have of your wedding must be explained to your videographer. The reason is because this will help your videographer to get an understanding of what kind of video you are aiming for – what kind of effects or soundtracks to use, what filters to use, etc.
  • Videos and photos – as you would have seen, many wedding photography businesses actually offer videography services as well. Since you will most definitely be hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding, the question of whether you would book a videographer from the same company or not will arise. You should first and foremost consider the quality of work you can expect from the videographer – but it is also worthwhile to know that by hiring the same company for both projects, you can have them collaborating on both of your projects for better footage material, and also expect discounts. When you have two different vendors, not only should you look into them separately, but you can also expect them to vie for strategic spots that allow better footage and whatnot.
  • Sounds – as you would know, unlike taking photos, taking a video means also capturing the sounds and voices of your wedding. From your voices as you exchange vows to the funny commentary that takes place in the aisle, a video can bring all of that into it. This means you will need microphones to better capture the voices. Most cameras nowadays allow for a number of wireless microphones, but in addition to these, you will also benefit from larger microphones set at the podium and the like if you have a large venue or are outdoors. Furthermore, you might also want to consider including extra statements, well wishes, comments, etc. from your guests to be added onto the video; these can be played over significant moments such as the first dance or first kiss.