Types Of Portrait Photography

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We all know that different types of photography exist in the photography industry. You have photographers from all walks of life. You can find photographers in the mountains trying to capture the perfect moment of the clouds floating by or the sun rising and the sun set. You can find photographers in the wild waiting for the moment when the lion roars or the elephant feeding his child. You will also find photographers in front humans constantly clicking away waiting to capture the emotion right from your face to help make the statement a picture is worth a thousand words.

This capturing of emotion of people is called portrait photography where it almost an art in its self. Preserving the moments and the smile for as long the photograph is concerned is the photographer’s skill. It can sometime be photos from the wedding day or even pregnancy photos. Emotions are what make someone remember moments. There different ways to capture a person’s portrait image. Here are some of which I know.

Candid photography – you must have heard this name several times but for those who do not know candid photography is where the image is taken as if the person or the subject is not aware that the photograph is taken. These are emotions that come naturally and must be taken fast.

Then you have the posed photograph. It is as the name suggests the subject or the person poses and smiles to the camera for the picture to be taken. This is the most common picture taken by almost any photographer. In fact everyone takes this picture.

Then you have the formal photograph that is taken in very formal clothing such as office wear or lounge wear. This type of photos is mostly taken business purposes for example the cover of a business magazine or the image of the CEO to be viewed to the public press.

Photos are also categorized according to the number of people. You have individual photos taken and also pictures of two people. Pictures of two people are mostly pictures of the couples. Then you have group photos. This is normally taken in a very lively atmosphere. The group can consist of friends or family, whichever.

Finally the portrait photographs are divided in to the type of shot. These include the close up, facial shot, upper body and full body shot. Close up normally capture a part of the face but enough to portrait the emotion and the beauty of the face. The rest are as the name suggests the whole face shot, upper body as in above the waist and the full body.